Sunday, August 5, 2012

The kiddos came back on Wednesday and I already feel like I am a week behind. This year is going to be an exciting year. Our grade level has decided to stay departmentalized so I am going to be teaching just Science and Social Studies. This is SUPER exciting for me. I really enjoy these tow subjects, so to be able to teach these two all day AND incorporate literature... I am sold!

The first few days have been tricky though! I am soooooooo NOT use to




I really should not write that down because I know in a month those words will come back to haunt me! But seriously, 45 minutes of each subject is a lot of time compared to the 25ish I had last year.

Well, in the mean time I made a great timeline for our Social Studies curriculum.  It was overwhelming. It its completion, it is 48 pages and spans over 140 of historical events. Please check it out if you are interested.

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