Thursday, March 15, 2012

Character Clerihews... Character Cleri-what?

Another crazy week almost in the books. This week we began our poetry unit. I love poetry because it makes my kids think and they lack that ability some times... LOL

Anyways, I stumbled across an AMAZING poem this week. It was from a Mailbox magazine... I will get this information for you tomorrow. Well, the poem is called a Character Clerihew. Have you EVER heard of this?!?!?!

Well... just the title was enough of a hook for my kids, but the cross curricular connections is what sealed the deal for me. The poem is biographical, and being a social studies teacher as well, made the "characters" from our state standards (me 1 v. ccgps 0).

So here is the format:
Line 1 the name of the person
Line 2 rhymes with line one
Line 3 and Line 4 rhyme

Here is the example Mailbox came up with:
Abraham Lincoln
did a lot of thinkin'
he thought slavery was wrong
and thought freedom should be everyone's song


Well, when my students brought in their work, I was speechless...

I will get pictures tomorrow, but here are some I remember off the top of my head:

Rosa Parks
could make some sparks
if you asked her to move on the bus
she would start up a fuss.

needed a veto
he was the emperor of Japan
and he got a tan <---- This one is from one of my FOCUS students who has a GREAT sense of humor!

Let me know if you try this in your class!

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